Teen drivers are three times more likely to have an accident than other drivers. This increased risk is the primary reason that insurance premiums are higher for teen drivers. Parents should identify preventative measures to reduce these risks for their teen drivers. A gps tracking device provides information to help parents mitigate these risks.

Comprehensive Log of All Activity

The parents acquire a comprehensive log of all activity. This includes speeding, reckless driving, and where they travel. These reports are available to parents through a program on their computer or smart phone. They have immediate access to the tracking device in real time. The parents assess this information and discuss changes with their teen to improve their safety.

Real Time Updates About the Teen

Real time updates about the teen’s driving also present the parent with where they are at all times. This helps the parents determine if the teen is traveling into dangerous areas. This includes areas in which accidents are a higher probability. The parent review the live video footage and determines if the teen is entering rush hour traffic and are at a greater risk.

Data Tracking Capabilities

Data tracking capabilities present the parents with information about what happens inside the vehicle. This includes the usage of cellular phones. The data indicates if the teen is texting while driving. Texting and driving increases the teen’s risk of becoming involved in a fatal accident. According to statistics, there is a twenty-one percent chance of a fatal accident if the teen texts and drives.

Discounts for Permanent Installations

The permanent GPS installation presents the parent with a discount on their auto insurance. Since it is a safety measure, it is likely to decrease common risks for the teen driver. The parents maintain full control over the teen’s driving at all times. This lowers their risks as the parent provides them with a better route immediately.

Enforcing Safe Driving Rules

The parent uses the data retrieved from the device to enforce safe driving rules. The information acquire informs them if they need to make changes. It also helps the parent to reduce risks by reprimanding their teen when they drive poorly.

Teen drivers are at a greater risk than any other drivers on the road. The reasons for these risks are inexperience, inattentive driving, and speeding. Parents who take precautions lower these risks for their teen drivers. LiveViewGPS Offers Tips To Parents Of Teen Drivers based on the benefits of these devices. Parents who want to install the device into their teen’s vehicle should schedule an appointment today.